2015, Professor of English, Vancouver Island University

2014, Sessional Instructor, Vancouver Island University

2013, Sessional Instructor, University of Guelph

2012-2013 Editorial Assistant, Theatre Journal  (The Johns Hopkins University Press)
Submissions log and tracking progress of essays through the system, proofreading,and various editorial duties. I worked closely with the editor on one General Issue and one special issue on Interspecies Performance.

2011-2014, Media and Public Relations Coordinator (University of Guelph)
Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice (MCRI-SSHRC)
Media, Press Releases, and monthly Newsletter (writer/editor/creator).

2010-2012, Website Content Coordinator and Editor (University of Guelph)
Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice (MCRI-SSHRC)
Content Coordinator, website and article editing, and content editor.

2010, Instructor, King George International Business College (Vancouver)
Advanced ESL instructor on power speaking and modern media

2010-2012, Teaching Assistant, University of Guelph

2008-2010, Teaching Assistant, University of British Columbia