You’re Dead!: The Afrofuturistic Sounds of Flying Lotus. Riffings. Web.

Sex Mob Plays Fellini. Riffings. Web.


Rutherford Chang’s The White Album. Riffings. Web.

“Still Bringing the Ruckus: Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers turns 20.” Riffings. Web.

“On Homophobia, Parody, Censorship, and Lyrical Retrospect in Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” Riffings. Web.

A review of Event II by Deltron 3030. Riffings. Web.

Dawn of Midi. Review of Dysnomia and Guelph Jazz Festival Performance. Riffings. Web.

Photo Recap: Guelph Jazz Festival Continues to Inspire at 20.” Riffings. Web.

“Finding Community through Music: Hillside Festival Celebrates its 30th Birthday.” A review of Hillside. Chirograph. Web.

Unholy Matrimony“: A review of Kanye West’s YeezusRiffings. Web.

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