I’ve been writing and performing Hip Hop music for over 12 years now. Since then I have co-produced two full length records and I am currently working on a third record called Rebirth. My music reflects a variety of moods, rooted in whatever happens to inspire me. I have worked with a variety of Canadian Hip Hop artists, including: Moka Only, L-Precise, Metty the DertMerchant (Sweatshop Union), Spokes, Def Poets Society, Baba Brinkman, Fatty Down, among others. My current record, Spirit of the Age, provides listeners with a hybridized mix of indie, Hip Hop, rock and funk music over live instrumentation. The album is crafted as a culmination of digital and analogue technologies (recorded via a 70s analogue board). The album features Vancouver talent Fatty Down, Baba Brinkman, Spokes, Daniel Kim and Bria Skonberg (trumpet). Mixed by indie producer Matt Gauthier and mastered by Dave Locke (Blue Scholars, Common Market) the record melds a variety of aesthetics to create a rock-infused and “live” sounding listening experience.


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