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Dedications Cover

I occasionally perform under my DJ alias, DJ Techné. Currently, I am working on an ongoing project entitled Dedications, where various phonogrooves (from jazz, hip-hop, and spoken word, to unusual recontextualized samples) are mélanged and collaged together to create polyvalent dedications to a host of musicians and poets. Hear William Blake, Sun Ra, Bob Dylan, Charlie “Bird” Parker (with Ontario songbirds), John G. Diefenbaker, John Coltrane, the poetry of The Four Horseman, among others, in new and exciting ways.

Equipment used in “live” performance:

  • 2 Technics 1200s
  • Traktor Z2 mixer/ Traktor Pro (previously Denon x120 mixer)
  • Mackie line mixer
  • MPC 1000
  • microphone
  • Boss Rc-30 looping pedal
  • iPad
  • and a slew of records


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