Fellowships, Grants, and Awards


2014-2015 OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship)
2013 ICASP Doctoral Fellowship
2013 Graduate Travel, Research, and Creation Fund                        
2012 Graduate Studies Photography Competition (First Place)
2012-2014 Deans’ Tri-Council Scholarship
2012-2014 SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
2012 OGF (Ontario Graduate Fellowship)
2012 GGSF Travel Scholarship (SSHRC)
2011 Graduate Research Scholarship (First Class average)
2011 TransCanada Institute Best Graduate Essay Prize
2010-2014 PhD Top Up Award
2010-2014 Dean’s Graduate Scholarship
2010 Graduate Research Scholarship (First Class average)
2008 Graduate Entrance Scholarship (UBC M.A.)
2007 Ann Munton Memorial Scholarship in English

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