2016: Nov 25th: Hogan’s Alley Remixed: Learning through Wayde Compton’s Poetics. Public Lecture and Performance with Darin Nicolle on bass. Malaspina Theatre. Vancouver Island University.

2016, March 18th: Stories and Raspberry Pi’s: An innovational Approach to Experiential Learning. Public Talk with other speakers. Vancouver Island University.

2015, May 5: “Soundin’ Change: A Digital Humanities Remix Project.” Invited Speaker. Vancouver Island University, Cowichan Campus.

2012, Nov 20th: “Improvisation, Sampling, and Simulacrum: Electronic Reproduction in the Age of Art.” Theatre 1200. Invited Guest Lecturer. Prof. Karl Coulthard. University of Guelph.

2011, February 14th-16th: “The Lower Frequencies of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man: Jazz, Improvisation and the Self.” Modern United States Literatures. Prof. Christine Bold.University of Guelph.

2010, November: “Oral Memories: Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed and ‘Joseph’s Justice.’” Reading the Past. Prof: Dorothy Hadfield. University of Guelph.

2009, November: “Psychomachia: Iago’s Battle for Othello’s Soul.” Approaches to Literature. Prof: Bryan N.S. Gooch. University of British Columbia.

2008, October: “Emancipation from Mental Slavery: Hip Hop and Double Consciousness.” Discourses on the Black Atlantic. Prof: Shelly Rosenblum. University of British Columbia.