2015-present, Gustafson Committee, English Department. Vancouver Island University.

2014-present, Award Committee, English Department. Vancouver Island University.

2014  Colloquium Committee, Sounding Futures, International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation. University of Guelph.

2013-2014, E.T.C. PhD Representative (English and Theatre Council, Guelph).

2013, Chair, “Improvisation, Philosophy, and Listening” (panel). Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium. Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, September 6th.

2013, Organizer, “‘we tellin’ stories yo’: A Performance and Interview with renowned dub poet d’bi.young.” DJ set by DJ Techné (myself). Paintbox Bistro. Toronto, On. Thursday, August 8th.

2013, Colloquium Committee, Transcultural Understanding, Improvisation, Community and Social Practice Colloquium/ Guelph Jazz Festival. University of Guelph.

2013, Chair, “Improvisation and Community Engagement.” The Summit on Improvisation Pedagogy and Community Impact. Boarding House for the Arts. Guelph. May 23rd.

2010-2013,  Member, ICASP Discussion Group on Improvisation and Social Change. University of Guelph.

2012, Moderator, Colloquium, “Hip Hop and Youth Culture” (panel), Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium. MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, September 5th.

2012, Primary Organizer, “‘Your bass sounds like a typewriter’: A Reading and Interview with George Elliott Clarke.” TransCanada Institute. Friday, April 27th.

2012, Chair, Annual General Meeting (Guelph Jazz Festival), MacDonald Stewart Art Centre. Guelph. April 11th.

2012, Moderator, Conference, “Making the Changes: Ethics and the Improvising Business.” MacDonald Stewart Art Centre. Guelph. December 2nd.

2011-2012, President (Board of Directors), Guelph Jazz Festival. Sept 2011- May 2012.

2011, Vice President (Board of Directors), Guelph Jazz Festival.

2011-2012, Marketing Committee, Guelph Jazz Festival. Press Release Writer and Social Media Coordinator.

2012, By-Law Committee, Guelph Jazz Festival.

2010-2011, Creator and Chair, Guelph Film Group. University of Guelph.

2010-2011, Social Committee, Masters and PhD Society (SETS). University of Guelph.

2008, Organizer, Promoter, Facilitator and Performer. “Rhymes for Cancer featuring Moka  Only.” Benefit Concert. Vancouver. BC Cancer Society. This event raised over $5000 for Cancer research.


2016: Digital Humanities Summer Institute. Course: Fundamentals of Programming/Coding for Human(s|ists). University of Victoria, BC. June 6th-10th.

2015: Digital Humanities Summer Institute. Course: Sound of :: [sic] in Digital Humanities. University of Victoria, BC. June 8th-12th.

2014: Digital Humanities Summer Institute. Course: Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities. University of Victoria, BC. June 2nd-6th.

2013: Two days of full team meetings for ICASP and the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI). September 2nd-3rd.

2013: Board Participant, Strategic Planning Session. Full day, workshopping, and strategic planning for the future vision/ 20th Anniversary mission statement of the Guelph Jazz Festival.

2011: Invited Observer.TransCanada Institute, 2011: “Editing as Cultural Practice: Institutional Formations, Collaboration, and Literatures in Canada.” An Editing Modernism in Canada and TransCanada Institute Workshop. Organized by Dean Irvine, Smaro Kamboureli, and Hannah McGregor. October 20 22nd.

2010: Summer Institute, “Improvisation, Text and Media.” Instructor: B. Ostertag (University of California at Davis). August 29 – September 12th.

2009: Department of English Teaching Assistant Certificate (for attending the following 9 workshops):
1:“Generating Discussion” (A. Dick and G. Mackie)
2: “Cultivating Academic Integrity in the Classroom (J. Brown and L.Macfadyen)
3: “Grading and Responding to Student Work” (J. Giltrow and N. Mirriahi)
4: “Teaching Writing” (K. Patterson)
5: “Teaching Poetry” (S. Guy-Bray)
6: “Teaching Theory” (D. Kreisel and C. Lee)
7: “Helping Your Students Navigate the Library” (Koerner Librarians)
8: “Using Technology in and out of the Classroom” (T. Dobson and J. Miller)
9: “Diversity in the Classroom” (L. Weir, C. Lee, L. Lai, and members of First Nations Studies Program)


Guelph Jazz Festival Member
Guelph Jazz Festival Board of Directors (past)
Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
Graduate Caucus Member (NeMLA)